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The Château Staff

You'll randomly encounter our team members in the house. No one speaks audibly before Noon so please don't expect cordial conversations. You'll be entertained by their efforts to make you feel at home at the château.


Anatoly Sir Pudgy Paws

Spa Manager

Not one to hold back from his desires, Sir Pudgy Paws will do his best to steal your food. He employs various ways to trick you including lying on his back, sprawled out, playing dead. Trust us. He knows what he is doing... he wants to trip you.

Udo for website.png

Herr Udo Bruno der Kleine Fuchshund

Recreation Manager

Herr Udo will do everything in his power to make sure you play and laugh during your visit. His obsession with playing ball will at first delight you and then, well, you'll see.


Sukoshi Enoki Koto Inu

Rōnin (Samurai lord)

Enoki only speaks and understands Japanese. Throughout your visit, he will acknowledge your presence with a customary series of grunts. He will be very busy keeping watch at the château.


Philomena Uschi Shenar

Room Attendant

Need to know when the daily Amazon delivery has arrived? Or when the pool technician is refreshing the salt water pool? Philomena will make sure you're alerted to any visitors, deliveries, or neighbor dogs. It's what she does. No gratuities are expected.


Winston Albert Shenar


Miss the sounds of your pet or partner snoring? Winston can cure that homesick feeling with his snorts, gurgles, and anxiety-ridden cries. Famous for having a head much larger than his body, Winston is content to chill with you on the sofa, bed, or wherever is most plush.

Our Story

The Château Shenar team will attempt to help you relax, rest, and escape the stress of everyday life. Unlike teams you'll find at other resorts, our team has never had any customer service or hospitality training so don't get your hopes up. Just roll with it and make the best of it while you're with us.


Lola Lunares, RIP

Resort Director Emeritus

After 12 years serving as the Resort Director, Lola Lunares passed away at age 18. Her spirit is still among us and a few guests have claimed they can sometimes still hear her shrill barking.


Celeste Züri Macho, RIP

Night Attendant

Few ever saw her but for those who did, Celeste provided musical chirps and head butts. She's now sassing her way through Kitty Heaven but her presence is still felt especially late at night after too many cocktails.


Rory Shenar, RIP

Customer Service Representative

Rory suffered from species-identity disorder during his 14 years with The Shenars: Rory believed he was a dog. He spent an excessive amount of time lounging on the lanai. He had a special attraction to men with beards and would crawl up your chest and rub his cheeks across your beard. Just 3 days after being born, Rory moved in with The Shenars and spent his entire life nuzzling with his favorite human, Chris Shenar.


Chris Shenar

Director of Facilities

Most often found seeking solace in his overcrowded workshop, Mr. Shenar offers behind-the-scenes tours of his magical workshop. He also conducts butter making demonstrations at the kitchen island. Sign up for one or both of these fun activities.


Katherine Shenar

Sales Manager

She got you here and now you're stuck. She will emerge from the cave at some point in the afternoon. She will not cook you anything but she will make you a  smashing signature cocktail if you're nice to her.

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