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What We Offer

Free Wi-Fi

We are horrible entertainers so that's why guests at Château Shenar can count on the highest speed internet service available. Download a movie, stream your favorite music, or binge watch shows on your Netflix account anytime during your stay.

Signature Cocktail

As with any over-the-top, ostentatious establishment, Château Shenar boasts its own signature cocktail, the Shenar  Shaker. Made with a homemade secret liquor and a sugar-salt rim, this is one delicious libation.

Musical Instruments

We have guitars, a bass, drum kit, and a mandolin. You'll be expected to play a full concert set. Bring your own sheet music.

Late Check-Out

We. Are. Not. Morning. People. If you wish to check out before noon, we'll hug goodbye the night before. Seriously.

Exercise Equipment

For those exercise fanatics, we have a treadmill, weight machine, yoga studio, and a neighborhood that celebrates speed walkers. Like to bike??? We have two beach cruisers you can pedal down to Forest Run park.


We have a Rottweiler.


Who wants to travel home with luggage filled with dirty laundry? No one. So at Château Shenar, the laundry room is available to guests as long as you don't expect us to fold anything.

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