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French: fun, amusement, diversion

During your stay at Châtau Shenar, be sure to avail yourself to the amusing diversions designed to entertain and delight... or abhor, depending on your point of view.


The Butter Tutorial 

A live, in-person event at the Château Kitchen

Be prepared to talk loudly, perhaps shout, over the din of churning cream. Is that an electric drill he uses? Why, yes, yes it is. At the end of this tutorial, you will never purchase store bought butter again. Demonstration provided on request. See our concierge, Winston, to reserve your spot at the kitchen island.


The Om Zone

Spend quiet time in the Château Zen Zone

Need a special place to chant your mantra or center yourself? This non- denominational nook offers you a tranquil, calming environment... until someone opens the garage door. This space can also give you just enough room for yoga and stretching exercises.


Pedal Pounding 

Take these beach cruisers for a spin

Whether you pedal around the neighborhood or make your way to Forest Run Park half a mile up the road, these bicycles are easy transport for fun in the sun.


Pool Aerobics

Low-impact and easy on the aging joints

We have a privacy fence and this is a no-judgment home so get out to the pool and swing those noodles, pump those inflatable hand weights, and get that heartrate up with your legs while using the kickboard.


Sun Lounging

It's Florida, so you know, sunbathe

The guest suites come fully stocked with a variety of sunblock levels. 100 SPF is recommended for those without a base tan but it's your skin. Consult a dermatologist before falling asleep on the lanai.

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